Weather In London – A Simple Guide and Overview

If you are visiting London, it is good to decide what time of year you will be travelling as the weather in London changes throughout the different seasons. The good old British weather is not renowned for its hot climates but London does enjoy warmer weather than many parts of England.

London is situated in the South of England which means that the temperature is often much warmer than it is in the North of England. It really is amazing to feel the difference in temperature between the North and South of England on the same day, as it can be cool in the North yet warm in the South.

England has 4 different seasons throughout the year and these are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The temperature between these seasons does change dramatically and if you are planning a trip to London, it is advisable that you become familiar with these seasons and pack suitable clothing to wear during your time in London.

Obviously, there are times when you cannot help what time of year you visit London such as if you are visiting on business or are visiting for a specific event but if you are flexible with your times and dates, you may want to plan your trip during the months to which the weather suits you best. However, the warmer weather in London does attract more visitors to the city and during the warm seasons, London does become very busy. This can be one of the reasons why people don’t want to visit London during these peak summer months and prefer to visit in the less busier months.

Whatever months you visit London, there will always be something going on and the sights and attractions will always be there to see!

Like many major cities, London has a different atmosphere through each one of the seasons and this is sometimes one of the appealing characteristics of the city and why people wish to visit London at different times of the year.

Below is a simple overview of each one of the seasons in the UK and the average temperature through the day and night. These temperatures are just averages and London can experience higher and lower temperatures than the ones that are listed below.

The Weather In London Throughout Each Season

Spring Weather In London

The season of Spring (Springtime) in London is generally from mid March (20 March) through until mid June. This is the transition time between Winter and Summer and it is when the temperature gradually begins to become warmer. However, these months can still be cold and frosty and yes, there will be rain! I am sure you may already have heard the saying ‘April Showers’, well this is what the UK is famous for and one minute it can be sunny, the next there will be showers and then sunny again!

Spring in the UK is a lovely time of year and it is when the flowers such as the daffodils begin to appear and when you see these flowers, you know that it is Spring. This is also the time of year when many animals have their offspring. The countryside is full of new born calves, lambs chickensThe weather in London in Spring will still be quite mild and cool especially at night. If you are planning a visit to London during the months of Spring, it is always best to pack a jumper, coat or a fleece especially for the cool evenings and an umbrella just in case!

During Spring the amount of hours during night and day are the same, so there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. During the months of Spring and as summer gets closer, there becomes more hours of daylight and less hours of darkness.

Average Day Time Temperatures For Spring In London:

March: 9-11°C – 49 – 52°F

April: 12-14°C –  54-56°F

May: 15-18°C – 60-63°F

June: 18-21°C – 65-69°F

Average Night Time Temperature For Spring In London

March: 2-4°C – 36 – 39°F

April: 4-6°C –  39-43°F

May: 6-8°C – 42-47°F

June: 10-12°C – 51-55°F

Summer Weather In London

Summertime in the UK officially begins on 21 June and this is when the summer months begin to get warmer. The days are longer and through these summer months, there is 16 hours of daylight and only 8 hours of darkness. This means that the nights are much lighter and you will have much more time to enjoy the sights and attractions in London.

As we have said, London during the summer months is a vibrant city with people basking in the sun on the banks of the Thames, in cafes and bars and in the many large parks that are available in the centre. London can become quite humid during the summer months, especially when traveling on the Underground. The Underground does not get much ventilation and can become uncomfortable, especially in rush hour when it is crowded. It is advisable to carry a bottle of water with you.

The streets are bustling in London during the summer months and obviously, Summer is when the city does become crowded. There are many major outdoor events that are held during these summer months and the atmosphere is fantastic. The outdoor events attract large crowds and it is also when people take their annual holidays, so if you are intending visiting London during the summer months, be prepared for the crowds.

These summer months are also when you can expect large queues at many of the major attractions, so once again, you will need to plan your days allowing for the large queues. It is recommended to take advantage of one of the London Passes that are available that allow you to jump to the front of the queues. Purchasing one of these is well worth the money and will save you a lot of time and stress.

At the beginning of the summer months such as June, the temperature in London will be pleasant and although it is pleasant, it is advisable to pack a jumper or light fleece just in case the weather turns cooler and also if you will be out late at night.

The Mid Summer months of July and August can get very warm and reach temperatures well into the late 70’ & 80’s. Packing sun cream and short sleeves clothing is recommended, however it is always advisable to pack a lightweight cardigan or jumper just in case!

Average Daytime Temperature For Summer In London

June: 19-21°C – 67-69°F

July: 21-24°C – 70-74°F

August: 21-24°C – 70-74°F

September: 19-21°C – 66-70°F

Average Night Time Temperature For Summer In London

June: 10-12°C – 50-53°F

July: 12-14°C – 53-57°F

August: 12-14°C – 53-57°F

September: 9-12°C – 49-53°F

Autumn Weather In London

The transition from Summer through to Winter is known as Autumn and begins around 22/23 September. This is when those long days of daylight begin to get shorter and the dark nights of Winter slowly begin to creep in and those nice warm sunny days seem a distant memory. However, Autumn does have a nice feel and it is when the trees begin to shed their green leaves and become a beautiful colour of orange and brown. Although the temperature does drop and Autumn is cooler, the days are still fresh and can see much sunshine. The Autumn months are from September through until November and many people prefer these months for visiting London as they find it the ideal climate for sightseeing and the queues at the attractions are not as long.

05 November is Bonfire night (or Guy Fawkes night) in the UK and all over the country in towns, villages and cities people celebrate with bonfires and fireworks.

Average Daytime Temperature For Autumn In London

September: 18-20°C – 64-67°F

October: 14-16°C – 57-62°F

November: 9-11°C – 49-52°F

Average Night Time Temperature For Autumn In London

September: 9-11°C – 49-52°F

October: 7-9°C – 45-49°F

November: 3-5°C – 37-41°F

Autumn – September – December

Winter Weather In London

Winter in the UK can be very bitter and cold with long dark nights from December through until March. The Winter Solstice is usually on or around the 21 December and this is when the average daylight is at its shortest. Snow and ice are common place in the UK during the winter months and if you are planning to visit London through these Winter months, you will need to pack plenty of warm clothing, especially if you intend to be outside sightseeing. The temperature can often dip below freezing and if the winds are strong it can feel much colder. Rain is also common throughout the winter months so it is always advisable to have an umbrella at hand.

Obviously, London is not as crowded with sightseers during these months and queues are not as long but Christmas and New Years Eve in London are a very popular time of year and the city is very busy. London also has a unique charm during the festive period and there really is a great atmosphere in the city at this time.

Average Daytime Temperature For Winter In London

December: 7-9°C – 45-49°F

January: 6-8°C – 44-47°F

February: 7-9°C – 45-49°F

Average Night Time Temperature For Winter In London

December: 2-4°C – 35-39°F

January: 1-3°C – 34-37°F

February: 2-4°C – 35-39°F

As you can see, the weather in in the UK does fluctuate throughout the year and each one of the seasons. We hope that this simple guide provides you with a little more information about the weather in London and helps you plan your time in London accordingly.