Olympic Stadium London Guide

The Olympic Stadium London was the centre piece for the 2012 Olympic Games and home to the Track and Field events throughout the Games. Situated in the heart of the Olympic Park, the stadium also played host to the opening and closing ceremonies for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Over 10,000 tonnes of steel was used when building the stadium to create a spectacular structure that has now become one of the London landmarks and attractions.

Where Is The Olympic Stadium London

The London Olympic Stadium is actually located in the Lower Lea Valley, which is in the East End, Stratford area of London.

Olympic Stadium LondonThe stadium was built to accommodate a full capacity crowd of 80,000, which was reached throughout the Games. However, the stadium is built in tiers, which enables it to be dismantled to house a much smaller number of people. The lower tier of the stadium can seat 25,000 people, whilst the upper tier of the stadium and one that can be dismantled can seat and extra 55,000 people.

Now that the 2012 Olympic Games has finished, there is much speculation as to what will happen to this great sporting arena and just what its future holds. The stadium was designed to host a variety of events and certainly has the facilities in place to do so. Many football clubs have been linked with the stadium and have all shown interest in have the stadium as there ground. However, many modification would need to be put in place to accommodate football clubs using the venue on a regular basis.

At present, the Olympic Stadium is closed to the public but it will be the venue for the IAAF World Championships in 2015 and also will also play host to the Athletic World Championships in 2017.

How To Get To The Olympic Stadium London

There are several forms of transport servicing the Olympic Park and visitors have an option as to which they can take to reach it. The quickest from London are the Tube, Train and DLR (Dockland Light Railway). The nearest tube station to the Olympic Stadium is Stratford which is on the Central Line – Jubilee Line.

Tube Stations: Stratford Tube Station (15 minutes walk from the Olympic Stadium) – Bow Road Tube Station (20 minutes walk from the stadium)

Train Station: Stratford Railway Station (15 minutes walk) – Maryland Railway Station (25 minutes walk) – West Ham Railway Station (30 minutes walk)

Dockland Light Railway: Pudding Lane (10 minutes walk) – Stratford (15 minutes walk) – Bow Church (20 Minutes walk)

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Olympic Stadium London Address:

Olympic Stadium, 103 – 113 Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London E15 2NQ