London Airports – A Quick Guide

London is serviced by several airports all located in different counties surrounding the capital city. The following six airports are the main airports that service London and that handle the most passenger traffic throughout the year. In total, all six of the London airports combined handle on average 140 million passengers each year and as a result offer a vast and very efficient ground support network that enables passengers to reach London very easily.

The Six London Airports

Heathrow Airport: Heathrow airport is the largest airport in the UK and is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is also the main airport to service the capital city of London. Situated in West London and just 12 miles from London itself, Heathrow airport provides a fantastic gateway to London and the rest of UK. As with any other major airport, Heathrow offers a very efficient transport network that makes it very easy for passengers landing at Heathrow airport to reach the city centre of London.

Gatwick Airport: Gatwick airport is the second largest airport in the UK in terms of passenger traffic and is the second largest airport to service London. Although it is known as London Gatwick, it is actually situated in West Sussex, approximately 30 miles South of London. However, although it is 30 miles from the centre of London, getting to and from the airport is very easy due to the very reliable transport networks that are in operation from the airport.

London Stansted Airport: Stansted airport is situated approximately 30 miles North East of the centre of London and is the third largest airport in terms of passenger traffic to service London. Located in Essex, Stansted airport is a popular choice for many travellers as it offers a cheaper alternative to the major airports. Many of the low cost airlines service Stansted airport and offer a large number of flights from many destination throughout Europe. Once again, as a result of the large numbers of passengers wishing to reach London, Stansted airport offers a variety of transfer options to and from London.

Luton Airport: Luton airport is the fourth largest of the airports that service the capital city of London. Situated in Bedfordshire and approximately 30 miles North of the city centre of London, Luton offers passengers a reliable and efficient transport network to reach the capital.

London City Airport: Although London City airport is only the fifth largest airport to service the capital, it is actually the closest to the centre of London itself. The airport is located in the London Docklands, which is just under 7 miles East of the city centre. The airport is closer to Canary Wharfe which is one of the main Financial areas in the city and due to its proximity to the cities financial district, the airport is used by a large number of businessmen and women throughout the year.

London Southend Airport: London Southend airport is located in Essex and is regarded as the smallest of the six airports that service the capital city of London. It is also the least well known of the airports to service the capital. However, passengers can access London within under an hour and there is a direct rail link from the airport to London Liverpool Street Station.