Hotels In London A Simple Guide

As one of the leading cities in the world, London attracts a large amount of visitors throughout the year. Just like any other major city, London has a very extensive list of hotels to accommodate such a large amount of people.

Hotels In LondonWhether you are visiting London for leisure an event or whether you are visiting for business, the city has hotels to suit all budgets and requirements to help make your time in London a pleasurable  experience.

Due to the fact that London is one of the major cities in the world and has a large number of tourists, it is also a major hub for business and many business men and woman frequent the city on a daily basis. This means that hotel prices in the city centre of London can be at a premium throughout the week, especially in the financial districts and West End of London.

Obviously, hotels in the centre of London and close by to the attractions in London are also set at a premium but many do have special offers throughout the year.

If you are travelling on a restricted budget, don’t worry! London offers plenty of hotels that accommodate for visitors with restricted budgets and you may be surprised at what you can find.

Whatever the purpose of your visit may be, you will not be disappointed with the choice of hotels in London. There are many factors that you will need to take into consideration to find the best hotels in London to your suit your needs and hopefully the following will help.

Choosing The Best Hotels In London To Suit your Requirements

Research Your Location

The duration of your stay and the location of your hotel are two of the major factors that will determine the overall cost of your hotel.

London is not a small city and at rush hour can become very busy. Taking this into account when you are planning to book your hotel can pay dividends during your stay. If you need to commute in and out of the city during these peak times, it could increase your journey time and if you need to be somewhere at a certain time, you will need to allow plenty of time from leaving your hotel.

Although the price of the hotel may work out cheaper if it is further distance from the city, it could be less cost and time effective over the full duration of your stay if you do need to commute each day. Ask yourself how much it will cost in transport and will this cost justify the travel time or saving on the hotel?

In Or Out Of The City

If you need to be in the centre of the city then obviously, you can expect to pay a much higher price for your hotel. There are many areas in London that will always command a high rate and if you are on a limited budget, avoiding these areas is recommended (unless you find a great deal on them). The following areas of London will always  be high priced:

Canary Wharf – Chelsea – Covent Garden – Kensington – Knightsbridge – Marylebone – Mayfair – St James’s – West End and Soho

What Is The Purpose For Your Visit

Central London it is very accessible and easy to get around, especially when using the Tube. This said, if you are visiting London for a specific purpose such as an event or business meeting, then it makes sense to try and find a hotel close to where you need to be.  This is even more important, if the event or meeting starts early in the morning or finishes late at night.

If you are visiting London for the reason listed above, it is advisable to do your homework before you start to search for hotels in London and ensure you become familiar with the location address to where you need to be. Having the postcode of the area you are visiting can make your search even easier, as it will allow you to be more specific when you begin your search. Once you have a postcode of the area to which you would like to stay, it is possible to search for hotels ‘by distance’ to your postcode.

If you are visiting London for a leisure break and don’t have any specific

Pre Book In Advance

No matter when you visit London, there will no doubt be something happening. Throughout the year, London plays host to many major events that attract large crowds and that is why you should always book your hotel in advance. Hotels in London can get booked up very quickly and leaving your booking closer to these events and closer to the day you travel, will only result in you spending more money or being disappointed. If you see a deal that you are happy with Book it, as it will probably be gone if you leave it and return to book it later!

Be Flexible

If you do not need to stay in a certain area of the city and you can be flexible with your location, you will find that you have a much wider choice of hotels. Not only will you have a wider choice of hotels but it will allow you to find the better deals.

Hotels In Central London

It goes without saying that hotels in central London will be much higher rates than those outside the centre. These hotels in the centre of London can command a higher price because of their location. Even the lower ‘Star Rated’ hotels will charge prices that you may usually associate with higher star rated hotels in other towns and cities. London has many world famous hotels in the centre of London such as the Savoy, The Dorchester, The Ritz, The Portobello, Claridges and many more. These hotels are located in the centre of London and are ones that have been made famous for playing host to the rich and famous.

Once again, there are many hotels in central London that have great offers throughout the year and it is just a matter of sourcing them out and snapping them up.

Hotels Near Tube Stations

If you do decide to book a hotel outside of the city centre, try to book a hotel that is close to one of the Tube station or that has easy access to one of the stations. This will make it much easier for you to reach the city and cut down on the cost.

Read Hotels Reviews

Ok, reading reviews can have advantages and disadvantages. There are so many review websites now online and if you read too many, you will end up never booking a hotel! Every hotel will receive bad reviews no matter how god it may be. This is simply because there will always be someone who is eager to complain but in general, if the hotel you are reading about has a large number of ‘recent’ positive reviews, it is a good sign.

The Star Rating

The star rating of any hotel is based on the amenities and facilities and not actually on its comfort and quality. This means that a lower star rated hotel could actually be better quality than a higher rated hotel. So, if you are not too bothered about certain luxury facilities that are expected in the higher star rated hotels such as gyms, swimming pool, ironing boards, mini bars etc. Then you could find a much better quality hotel for your money!

Airport Hotels

London has several major airports that service the city and as you can imagine, these airports all have a variety of hotels to accommodate passengers flying to and from the airports. Heathrow and Gatwick are the two main airports that service London along with the smaller airports such as Luton, Stansted and London City Airport. Transfers to and from all the airports to the centre of London are on a regular basis, however some people prefer to stay in one of the hotels at the airport the night of arrival or the night before departure.

Obviously if you are staying in London and need to get to and from the airports, what you need to do is establish if you need to book a hotel at the airport or whether or not it would practical to stay in your hotel in London on the night of arrival and night before departure.

Lower Budget Chain – Premier, Travelodge

Booking a hotel room with one of the large low budget hotel chains can help keep the cost of your stay down to a minimum. There are many hotel chains throughout London, some are in the centre and some are a little further out. These hotel chains constantly have special offers on their hotels and keeping in touch with these offers is a great way to save money on your hotel in London and other cities worldwide.

Ask For Deals And Join Our Free Service

Many hotels in London have special offers running throughout the year but not all of them get listed on their own websites or agents websites. Calling the hotel direct and asking them what their latest offer is, can sometimes save you a great deal of money. Keeping up to date with all the latest special offers, promotions and discount codes from hotels is a great way to save money any time you need to make a hotel reservation now or in the future. Using such FREE services as the one Before travel offer is a good way to keep informed.

Use A Hotel Comparison Website To Find The Cheapest Hotels In London

Searching for hotels in London can be a very time consuming process. Visiting individual websites and constantly having to type in your details on each one is a complete nightmare. Using hotel comparison websites that allow you to input your required dates then search all the available hotels in London for those dates and then display available hotels, is recommended.

The Internet is full of websites offering London hotels and which one you choose is your decision. However, there are several hotel comparison websites that consistently offer great deals and using one of the following websites will provide you with a large number of great deals to choose from for hotels in London.