The British Museum London – A Simple Guide

The British Museum London, is one of London’s best known museums and it is one that you can spend hours just wondering through looking at all the works that are stored and exhibited in the museum. The Museum was first established in 1753 and since then has grown into one of the most prestigious collections in the world.

Admission Cost: FREE

British MuseumOne thing that you will notice straight away when entering the Museum and the one thing that may be a little overwhelming, is its size. Many people say they could spend all day in the museum, simply because it is so big and there is so much to see. Others go back for a second visit to ensure they have covered all the rooms and periods of history.

If you are limited for time, it is a good idea to plan which rooms and galleries you want to see and make your way to those first, as it is very easy to get side tracked with other fascinating objects and exhibits!

The museum itself houses one of the largest collections in the world of human history and has over 13 million different works from a large number of continents, spanning many centuries.

The museum is based upon human history, representing all the different cultures of the globe from both modern and ancient times. The museum displays a large number of artefacts, objects and sculptures, some of which are very famous pieces such as the Oxus Treasure, Parthenon Sculptures, Rosetta Stone, Sutton Hoo burial relics plus millions more!

The museum takes you through various periods of history and has just about everything you need to know from any one period. It has a large number of galleries that are dedicated to the many different times such as Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and Roman.


The British Museum Tours

There are several tours that the museum run throughout the day which are FREE and visitors can also purchase audio tours but visitors will have to pay for this service.

British Museum Ancient Greece

A popular period of history is Ancient Greece and the Museum provides a huge amount of information about these times. They offer a number of study days designed for student wanting to learn more and also have a whole range of sessions designed for study.

If you are wanting to learn more about civilisation and the culture of ancient Greece, Greek Mythology and the heroes, you will not be disappointed with this gallery.

British Museum Ancient Egypt

Ancient Eqypt is a fascinating period of time and one which holds many interesting topics. The British Museum has one of the largest collections of Ancient Egypt and visitors can see the vast collection of wall paintings, sculptures, a 5000 year old mummy and the Rosetta Stone.

The museum also runs study days and session which are designed for students.

British Museum Exhibitions

As well as having permanent exhibits, the Museum holds many events throughout the year such as special exhibitions, talks and galleries. These special exhibitions change on a regular basis and it is advisable to check with the museum itself to find out what exhibitions are on the programme.

British Museum Reading Room

Situated in the centre of the Great Court is the world famous Reading Room. The domed metal structure was designed by Sydney Smirke and Alfred Steven and originally finished in 1857. It then became the reading room of the British library.

British Museum Opening Hours/Times

The museum receives over 6 million visitors every year and is one of London’s most popular attractions. So, as you can imagine, due to its popularity and that it is FREE admission, as you can appreciate the Museum can become very busy during the peak seasons.

The museum is open daily throughout the year from 10.00am – 17.30 and is open late on Fridays until 20.30. Please Note that this late opening does not apply to Good Friday.

British Museum Shop

The Museum shop is open to visitors throughout the week and visitors to the museum can buy a variety of goods and memorabilia. There are several shops in the museum and you can find below the opening times of each one:


Monday–Thursday: 10.00–17.30

Friday: 10.00–20.00

Saturday: 10.30–17.30

Sunday: 10.00–17.30

Family shop

Monday–Thursday: 09.30–18.00

Friday: 09.30–18.00

Saturday: 09.30–17.30

Sunday: 10.00–17.30

Collections shop

Monday–Thursday: 09.30–17.30

Friday: 09.30–20.00

Saturday: 09.30–17.30

Sunday: 10.00–17.30

Culture shop

Monday–Thursday: 09.30–17.30

Friday: 09.30–20.00

Saturday: 09.30–17.30

Sunday: 10.00–17.30

To visit The Museum Shop, please click on the link: The British Museum Shop

British Museum Address

Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG

Telephone: 020-7323 8000

Nearest Tube Stations To The Bristish Museum

Getting to the The Museum is very easy and visitors can catch the Tube to various stations located close to the museum:

Tube: Goodge Street – Holborn – Russell Square – Tottenham Court Road

British Museum Map

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British Museum Restaurant

The museum has its own restaurant and yo can find the following opening times below:

Court Restaurant

Lunch: 12.00–15.00

Afternoon Tea: 15.00–17.30

Fridays only: 17.30–20.00

British Museum Café

The museum aslo has a couple of cafe which are open during the week.

Court Cafés

Saturday – Thursday: 09.00–17.30 and Friday 09.00–20.00

Gallery Café

Throughout the week: 11.00–17.00

Restaurants Near British Museum

There are plenty of restaurants located close to the museum and you have a choice of cuisine to choose from should you wish to have a meal close by.

British Museum Catalogue

If you are wanting to take a look at The Museums catalogue, you can do so by visiting the following page:

British Museum Catalogue

For more information about the history of the museum please click on the following link: History Of the British Museum


The British Museum is a fantastic day out with so much to see and do for people of all ages and is definately a place to visit during your time in London. It is FREE to visit and you certainly will not be disappointed with what is on offer. It is a great source of learning and education for the children that will  provide them with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of human history and culture for years to come.

If you intend visiting the British Museum in London, it is advisable to make sure you put aside a full day spare for your visit.